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A Little About John

John Diff (Diffenderfer) is a husband, father, author, pastor, and business leader. As a lifelong Messianic believer, John offers a unique perspective on the role of faith and purpose as it intersects with everyday life. Drawing insight from ancient Hebrew customs, Christian theology, and contemporary research, his work focuses on connecting people to their higher purpose and providing Biblical solutions to real-life issues. His areas of focus include faith, marriage, vocation, family, sexuality, personal finance, communication, conflict resolution, and individual and organizational alignment.

John is the author of The Marriage Commandments, and he serves as a teacher and advisor for many families facing a wide-range of challenges and growth opportunities. Through his marriage-focused work, John teaches at churches, Bible studies, seminars, and conferences nationwide. His candid, humorous, provocative, Scriptural, and solutions-focused insights are published regularly, including on his personal blog,

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, John and his wife, Melissa, share a busy life raising and homeschooling their three children. Additionally, John and Melissa founded Mercy Collective, Nashville's Messianic, Hebrew Roots church, where they continue to serve as pastors.

John holds degrees in Communications and Biblical Studies from Lee University, where he graduated summa cum laude.