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Christ Didn't Die for Our Individuality

Instead of drawing close to our nine friends and excluding everyone else, we should pour out our lives for those who will be reconciled to God — especially when they may not share our beliefs. If we are truly the Body of Christ, we have to be willing to endure pain, discomfort, and disappointments. Self-preservation, whether it be of body, reputation, or ideas, should never be a deciding factor. As the Church, we must lay down our lives.

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She Gets the Revelation First

Throughout the Bible, we can see God's purposeful inclusion of women. When we are inclusive of women, we're acting in the character of God. At many of Scripture's most pivotal moments, and at many of the first expressions of our theology, God granted women the honor of being the forerunners and standard-bearers. Moreover, we often see God granting revelation to women first.

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Reviving the Selfless Marriage

At Revive, my topic was "The Marriage Commandments: Theft and Pleasure." During this session, I spoke on one of the many themes within The Marriage Commandments: The necessity for spouses to be selfless in their marriages. Drawing on the first, eighth, and tenth commandments, we explored how elevating the pursuit of one's own pleasure above the interests of one's spouse creates a toxic dynamic within marriage. 

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