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Why Did This Happen to You?

As you collect the pieces of your life, a question will haunt you: Why did this happen? It's the same question I've asked countless times. In our divinely complex and ordered world, it's impossible not to question why senseless, unmerited suffering occurs. The answer won't be simple, but don't fear the question. The question is for your good — not your torment.

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10 Ways You're Ruining Your Marriage

Marriages end with all sorts of excuses. The reality though is that marriages only end for ten reasons. If you've already read The Marriage Commandments, you know what those reasons are. You know the 10 principles you have to keep to keep your marriage strong. But most don't know. So, based somewhat on those 10 principles, here is a quick rundown of 10 ways you might be ruining your marriage.

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She Gets the Revelation First

Throughout the Bible, we can see God's purposeful inclusion of women. When we are inclusive of women, we're acting in the character of God. At many of Scripture's most pivotal moments, and at many of the first expressions of our theology, God granted women the honor of being the forerunners and standard-bearers. Moreover, we often see God granting revelation to women first.

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