God's Womb, the Tabernacle, the Bride, and the Feasts (Video)

In this message, John Diffenderfer reveals the interplay between the Biblical Feast cycle, the annual Tabernacle and Temple services, the biology of women, and Israel's prophetic role as the Bride of Christ. Recorded live at Mercy Collective, Nashville's Messianic, Hebrew Roots congregation.

On the eve of Pentecost (Shavuot). I shared with my church about God's design for life, covenant, and intimacy as revealed through the Biblical Feasts and the Tabernacle. Everything God desires from us is revealed by the life-giving relationship between a husband and wife, as first seen in the Garden of Eden. The structures of the Tabernacle, the cycle of the Feasts, and even the biology of human reproduction are all wrapped up together to reveal Yahweh's plan for our relationship with Him.

God's desire for us to truly know Him is one of the metaphorical "elephants in the room" when it comes to most studies of Scripture. It's so overt and so taboo that most aren't willing to address it. But it's crucial to our identity as the Bride of Christ.

I hope you'll be challenged and blessed by this message.

— John