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Torah Portions Notebook

A Guided Hardcover Notebook for Weekly Study of the Torah Portions


Torah Portions Notebook Features

A Notebook Designed for Your Own Thoughts

The Torah Portions Notebook is designed to encourage contextual analysis, critical review, and personal application. Each book of the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) is divided into sections according to the traditional Torah Portions (Parashat HaShavua). As an open form journal, the Torah Portions Notebook is designed to help you distill your findings and preserve your thoughts — not merely lead you to a series of predetermined conclusions. Perfect for any student of the Bible, regardless of background, religion, or worldview.

Example of a completed study of a single Torah Portion.

Each section includes:

  • A listing of the traditional weekly Torah Portion.

  • An open date field to accommodate any calendar.

  • Sequentially ordered portions, but flexible for anyone starting mid-year or overlapping annual Parashot cycles.

  • The Hebrew and English names of the book and portion, including the opportunity to write the Paleo or modern Hebrew names of each section.

  • Structured fields for contextual, literary analysis, including the portion’s major headlines, conflicts or changes, and keywords.

  • Designated fields for notation of personal application and meaning.

  • An open page for free-form study notes, including guides for references and nested bullet points — keeping all your notes organized and tidy.

  • Coded key for marking the significance of various passages, perfect for quick reference at later dates.


A Cover Bound to Last

Preserve your notes and revelations for years to come with this bookshelf-worthy journal.

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Hardcover, cloth bound book with a removable protective dust jacket.

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Cover jacket flaps for use as placeholders during weekly use.

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Sized to conveniently match and accompany most study Bibles and Torahs at approximately 6” by 9”.


Ancient Hebrew for Your Modern Application


The Torah Portions Notebook includes a comprehensive Hebrew aleph-bet guide to highlight the modern and Paleo scripts, the phonetic sounds, the ancient meaning, and the numerical value.



About the Torah Portions Notebook

The Parashat HaShavua (literally "portion of the week") comes from a Jewish tradition that began in the 6th century BC. The practice of collective, weekly readings of the Torah is believed to have been birthed from the scribe Ezra's desire to see the Israelites remember and keep the Torah. In the Book of Nehemiah, we find the origin of this corporate study and the establishment of what today is commonly referred to as the "Torah Portions."

The traditional delineation of the various parashot (Hebrew plural for "portions") is found in the Torah scrolls from Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Yemenite Jewish communities. There is ample historic evidence of their practice throughout both first centuries (BC and AD) and continuing throughout the present day. Today, this traditional method of study remains widely used by both Jewish and Christian communities around the world.

Each Torah portion is tied to a specific week of the Jewish calendar. There are 54 portions in all. Depending on each Jewish year's length and how the religious holidays fall, the portions are read sequentially but may be interrupted by various holiday-specific readings. As such, several of the portions are traditionally combined to keep the reader on an annual schedule.

In this notebook, the dates are empty, so that they may be filled by you. This allows the book to remain timeless, regardless of the Gregorian or Jewish calendars' overlap or leap years. Additionally, the portions that are often combined to accommodate religious holidays have been indicated in the headings of their respective sections.

There is no limit to the depths of the Torah. Students of the Torah find meaning in every character, story, commandment, word, and letter of the original Hebrew text. This notebook is designed as a place for you to collect, organize, and preserve your findings. It's purposefully open-ended and draws the student through thoughtful analysis and personal application.

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